Artist date: Visiting new West Elm store

I did some browsing at the new West Elm store yesterday. It's all Christmas and rustic and blingy. That's not a word but I think you get the idea.

Check out their holiday here.

I left with only a pair of king pillow shams (which were a planned purchase) but it was really hard to say no to bringing this white felt ball wreath home with me.

It's bad we are not into lighting yet on our house project, because at 20% there were some really great fixtures so even better prices. A few items that stood out included these Capiz Orb Pendants

And this ultra chunky Emerson dining table

And a really cute little chair that I actually can't find on their website...

And this clever coffee table that is available in rustic and white lacquer...I even got an unsolicited "Oh, I like that!" from my husband! Love it when it's that easy!

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Leigh said...

Love their stuff too. We have that coffee table and love it. It's great for the "eat in front of the TV" nights and when my husband wants to do work at the coffee table he can prop up the side there and put his lap top on it. Happy decorating!