we are a family of four with two little boys who love dirt and dump trucks and refer to Home Depot as the Bob the Builder store. we've written stories about travels abroad and home birth, about living in silence and the first year of motherhood. this here, is our current story.

this story began in 2011, in my last trimester of pregnancy. instead of sitting around with my feet up, we were spending our Sundays at open houses, applying for jumbo loans and discussing square footage instead of baby names. just days before i was about to pull the official "house search is over until at least 3 months after this baby is born", i went to look at one last house.

in less than 40 days, we:
made an offer, had more inspections done than i can count on two hands, asked for a significant reduction in cost, received a counteroffer, made another offer, had our offer accepted within 45 minutes, signed loan documents, remodeled a kitchen, packed up our rented house and moved in.

since then, we have removed several superfluous book shelves and a random sink in the dining room,  hit our head numerous times on the slanted roof in the space we call our "master bedroom" and sheepishly introduced our crazy home to friends and guests. since then, we have spent countless precious moments trying to decipher, deconstruct, rethink and reinvent this crazy wacky house.

a few said don't do it. others said we were crazy. some can't wait to see what we do next. to the skeptics we say, just you wait.

project: haus is a chronicle of design choices and inspiration, before and afters, mistakes and triumphs, steals and splurges, breakdowns and breakthroughs and the lessons learned from buying an old haus and turning it into our home.

project: haus is also a chronicle of thoughts, reactions and events that may have nothing to do with remodeling a haus, but everything to do with creating home.

welcome to our haus.

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