Can you say demolition derby?

Monday, June 15, 9:30am

Monday, June 15, 11:30am

John found the old front door. The built-in in 1894 old front door. And the craziest thing is that we are putting our new 2015 door in approximately the same place. It all comes around.

Monday, June 15, 4:00pm

Tuesday, June 16

Tuesday, June 16, 3pm
Tuesday, June 16, 3pm

Master Bath Before & After

Step One - Shower Doors!

Step 2: Drawer Hardware

Step 3: Mirrors

I'll come back with more images when all the little details are in!


She's back.

It's been really quiet around here. Annoyingly and frustratingly quiet. Because quiet on a construction site means that nothing is happening, no one is working. And that is exactly what it was like for the last 3 weeks.

But today, well, the debris dumpster reappeared and that means it's time to get back to work.


From cathedral to cool!

During demolito of Phase 1 we learned that our cathedral window was nothing close to original, so all of my termination to keep it to pay homage to the past was in vain - unless you consider an homage to weird design in the 80's an homage.

But our scope had crept enough and reframing this wall to get a new window in there was not worth it. So we kept our cathedral window knowing that what it did desperately need was a face list.

Step 1 Painting it Benjamin Moore White Dove

Step 2
Replacing the amber, textured and cracked glass with a modern modern opaque glass

Yup, cool.


Washer and dryer installed!

The laundry room drawers still aren't finished and there is no light and our water still needs to be hooked up, but our new washer and dryer arrived today. So glad I went with the Steel Gray color!

And I'd just like to say that I had the most wonderful experience with the 2 delivery guys from Home Depot!

I love our new carpet!

At some point I will post a picture of the fantastic mauve beauty that used to be up here but for now I am reveling in the most favorite of things: our new wall to wall carpet.

Before I had kids, I really didn't like wall to wall carpet. It gets ugly really fast and I feel like it houses all the dust and dirt that you can't see. But once I had kids and found myself sitting on the floor a lot, I realized how nice a good carpet is. And in a bedroom, well it's really nice underfoot.

So for the rooms under the roof which will inevitably be the master and maybe the kids rooms, I chose a wool sisal look alike rug. It took me a while to find a reasonably priced wood rug bit when I did, I went for it. And while ordering, the sales associate next to the woman helping me remarked - "This is a Neiman Marcus Rug at Gap pricing. You can get a better bang for your buck" My kind of rug.

And well, I knew it would make a difference...but really, the difference is dreamier than I thought!

More mess...

And then voila!!!!