picking up the pace

{written may 30}

I see the irony here, being such a proponent of slowing down but there are times when it is time to simply slap it in the *%@.

Today is one of those days. Okay, May 30th was actually one of those days and now it is over two months later and if I don't start now, I may never.

I have been waiting. Waiting for the right blog name and the right image. Waiting for the time to go back and write: about giving birth at home or learning the difference between pain and suffering, about what the first 4 weeks of parenthood are really like, about all the magical and mind blowing things that happen on a daily basis, about the boredom that sets in mid-day when you have had no other adult human contact.

But as I sit and wait for the time to write about what has already passed, I am missing the opportunity to write about what is happening now. And what I have learned is that writing in the now is juicier to read and more healing to write.

So, today I am picking up the pace and looking ahead. Every so often I will glimpse into the rear view mirror, and perhaps share a bit about what I see there.


2 + 1 = 3

For now, I am writing daily about the first year of motherhood. Everyonce in while I post here about things that make me happy. Be back in April 2010

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