Definition of scope: De-funkafying

You can only laugh when your architect uses the word "de-funkafying" to describe the scope of your remodel work in an official manner. And then you can only laugh when the building planner laughs too. And then you can only hope that this little interchange will somehow stay in the building departments mind when they are perusing our plans and push them to a speedy "approved".

There were no fireworks or bells or whistles when we submitted our plans for a permit. It seemed like this monumental moment - the culmination of so many decisions and so much hard work from so many people and then it was just over. Just like that.

So now we wait. 4-6 weeks with the realistic expectation that we will hear nothing before 5 weeks. And then, only then will we get any information about how long the permitting process will actually take, if we chose wisely or if we will be sent to the dreaded design review process. Unknown and out of our hands - it's an uncomfortable and slightly nerve racking space to be in.

But it is part of the process. And all I can do to set myself up for whatever changes, edits, questions and concerns might be thrown our way is to take breaths and remember that this is just a process. And that anything can and will get solved.

So while we wait there are contractors to interview and tile to choose and bath fixtures to find.