It's official. We have a style name...

Scandinavian Minimalism meets Northern California

Image from Est Magazine #8 via Desire to Inspire

This entry is almost a perfect example - the baseboards and crown molding have too much detail but the feeling is spot on.

Basically we have created two styles and blended them into something that should appeal to most and be somewhat timeless.

For us...

Scandinavian Minimalism is:
- Practicality
- No frills, no fuss
- Everything has a purpose
- Light and bright
- Good space planning
- Simple

Northern California is:
- Comfortable
- Relaxed, in-formal
- Laid back
- Earthy
- Reused and recycled materials
- Nature

You could perhaps also call this style Modern Farmhouse, which may actually be a marriage of words that exists in the design world, but I still really just love ScanMinNoCal. Fits the bill. Right on.

Check out my ScanMinNoCal Pinterest Board for more inspiration!

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