Curb appeal

I was a neighborhood stalker today.

That sounds kind of creepy but if any of the owners of these homes had looked out of their windows while I was parked in front of their homes with my iPhone aimed out of the window, I think they may be have concerned.

But there is no better way to see what other people are building and wanting and liking than to drive around and see what kind of new construction is appearing. And all around is construction. On every street, in every neighborhood. And it seems to be either shingles, a modern version of Craftsman, renovated Victorian, ultra modern or just plain ultra huge.  And amidst the redwoods of our Northern California town, all of these styles somehow coexist together.

And then there is this...

White house, white trim, wide siding, clean lines, simple trim, black garage doors, monochromatic landscaping.

A little bit Shaker, a little bit farmhouse, a little classic cottage.

No fuss. No frills.

And exactly what I (and now we) want.

More inspiring images on my CURB APPEAL Pinterest Board

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