Changing plans

I had yesterday morning planned out for the last 4 weeks.

Wake up at 6:30.
Leave the house at 7:30.
Arrive at Alameda Flea Market by 8:15.
Stay there for as long as I want.

But on Saturday night, I changed my plans. I decided not to use my toddler free time to go to the flea market but to go to a yoga class instead. A yoga class that would hopefully be the "ice breaker" to a new path of taking better care of my body. And though I was a bit terrified and almost talked myself out of it, I made it through all 90 hot minutes.

And today, though I am a bit nostalgic for what I think I missed and a bit envious of the delightful finds that went home with my friend Anna, I know that I made the right and good decision. And knowing that, makes taking care of myself just a little bit easier.

And, that makes the 1st Sunday of May that much more exciting.

{Image found at Bikram Yoga Silverlake}

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anna said...

Nice.... Glad that you're taking care of your body first, before your need for more stuff (that coming from the gal who did the opposite!)