Walking home

And just like that, Spring appeared.

As nature would have it, there will be more rain ahead of us. Of that I am sure. But today, the sun, in all her healing power is out and people are smiling and walking their dogs and wearing sandals.

And I noticed all of this because I walked home this morning after dropping our nugget off at daycare. After being cooped up and feeling miserable with a double sided ear infection (me, not him), my body was ready for the movement and the fresh air. What I wasn't expecting was the appearance of spring around ever corner. Trees are bursting at the tips with new life, blossoms are slowly poking their heads out of the earth. And, right there, on the corner of our yard, a small batch of freesia has appeared out of nowhere.

And because I always drive, I have missed it.

So this weekend, change it up, walk home. You might see something you have been missing.

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