A day without shoes

Of course, no shoes, for one day. No problem.

I would probably be most happy living in a place where shoes were optional or at most not needed for most of the day. But as I started to think about being in the world, in my world, and navigating life without shoes, I started to think about walking into the grocery store without shoes. And immediately my thoughts went to "what would people think".

So my initial no problem to TOM's Day without Shoes today became less affirmative, as I cautiously looked over my day and realized I could plan it to make not wearing shoes for a day even possible.
I realize though, that that is not the point.

Realizing that I am less courageous than I thought I was is humbling.

If you are courageous and willing, and you are not reading this at the end of the day or the day after, take off your shoes.

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