A refreshing and delightful place

I'm still in my journal from the trip, making sense of some of the ideas that I started while we had the glorious time to think and ponder and create.

I am grateful for my few secret writings during the silent retreat. No books, no journals, no phones, no music, no distractions. I complied with them all - except the no journal. I needed the time to process all that had bubbled to the surface as we traveled through South America, New Zealand and Australia and I knew I would have the time alone in our retreat to do that. And as you might guess, I tend to do much better when I can write things down.

And so I did. And I don't regret having broken that rule, because I get to re-read this...

Meditation is a skillful letting go, deliberately emptying out the mind,
so we can see the purity of the mind;
cleaning it out so we can put the right things in it.
You respect the mind, so you are more careful about what you put in it.
You bring in things that will enhance it and make it a refreshing and delightful place.

daily quote, day 7, from Skillful Means by Ajahn Sumeda

What did you do today to make your mind a refreshing and delightful place?

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