Wallpaper hung!


Before {the floor}

installing FLOR carpet tiles for the floor


BEFORE {the wall}



Hang wallpaper has been in my list for 3 months. I assumed I would do it over the Christmas break, then I assumed I would do it before the baby came and then I assumed I would just "get it done one afternoon after the baby came." Well, it was number 3 but I didn't do it alone. With the help of our handyman/gardner and a sleeping 4 week old, I had 30 minutes to get it done today. And we did.

Lessons learned: 

1. Glueing wallpaper on uneven, semi-bumpy walls sucks

2. Hire a professional if you need it to be perfect

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Lise said...

Looks fabulous! Isn't it crazy how those 30-minute jobs can take years to get to?