Before & After: A room for two...



It's officially done! No more projects left to do!

A mixture of vintage, hand-made, IKEA, ebay and a few special pieces, the kiddo room is by far one of my favorites in the whole house. 

Welcome to this room for two...or almost two. For now, it is still just a room for one as we wait for number 2 to sleep a bit longer before adding him to the mix. Our almost 3 sleeps like a new babe in his IKEA crib so I haven't had the heart to move him to the toddler bed. I mean, he hasn't tried to climb out and he sleeps almost 11 hours plus a 2 hour nap in the afternoon - why would I move him?



We'll have to move him when it's time to share his space but we still have about 4-5 months, so until then, we''ll just keep things as they are.

I do think it will be a great set-up for 2 and though we lost the closet, I love that the crib fits like a glove into the space. When they are ready, we will convert the toddler bed to a bunk bed and then the closet nook can become a reading nook or Lego shrine. For the closet before & after and wallpaper project, click here.

Vintage desk found at a local consignment store and vintage chair was given to us. The framed tree is actually something drawn by my husband - I assume when he was just a wee one himself. I couldn't help but frame it and hang it front and center.

As for the changing table, you can see the early transformation here. And yes, we still have two in diapers so this set up works just right for now. 


Julia @ thebooandtheboy said...

what a gorgeous room! I love the wall colour and the crib looks like it was made for that closet space. Well done!

tram said...

perhaps you've answered this question before: how did you manage to do all this (home renovation) with kids?! my husband and i were together for years, then last june decided to get married; last november offered on a fixer-upper; this january finally closed the deal, and since day 1 of ownership we've been in a mad frenzy with renovation. without kids. and MAD FRENZY it has been. so, practical tips for living in a construction zone?!

alex t said...

Hi Tram! Renovation is a MAD FRENZY however you do it. It's crazy actually. So crazy that have postponed most of our renovation until at least a year - no need to have a newborn and a renovation. As for what we have done so far, we take one project at a time, try to keep things simple by not getting overwhelmed by too many choices, doing less social engagements and keeping things in perspective: it's just a house. Our health and family and relationships are more important, always. And lastly, remember that it is chaos, that you will cry and that you will fight and that it is all worth it in the end!