Friday night window shopping

Taza Rug from homedecorators.com

At some point in the last year, I had actually cancelled all of our catalog subscriptions and though the daily trip to the mailbox became much less exciting, it felt extremely rewarding to see so much less waste and be less enticed to consume.

And then we moved.

And then I must have ordered something from some home store or website and baby, the catalogs are starting to roll right on in. In fact, yesterday, it was like a gold mine - Serena + Lily, Ballard Designs, Restoration Hardware baby and child. Let's just say it's a pile of eye candy just waiting for me and in my oh so pregnant state, I can't think of anything more fun.

So what does my Friday night look like?

You can see the fruits of my exploring in my Pinterest - my home wish list, great textiles, and interesting furniture details. The trouble is I started with the catalog from homedecorators.com - a cleverly marketing wing of Home Depot, with some treasures amongst the mundane and downright tacky. The problem is the quality, which I can't speak to as I have never ordered anything. But for inspiration of design and at least some fun web browsing, it was a good place to start.

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