The king of dishwashers

We knew the moment we heard "your offer was accepted" that we would be painting the kitchen cabinets and getting a Miele dishwasher.


It makes appliance shopping outrageously easy if you know the brand you want and the brand you want only makes 3 dishwashers and the brand you want is only sold in a select number of high-end appliance stores and the brand you want is a set price, everywhere.

All we had to do was choose the handle. That is my kind of decision making.

Then we simply waited for the Miele Concierge service to do their thing.

And now that it's been a few months, we can report that yes in fact the king of dishwashers is indeed the king.

In fact, I might have to change my opinion about unloading the dishwasher and take it off my "dislikes" list for good.

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