A faucet facelift

Usually we have the mentality "if it's not broken, don't fix it" but once everything was painted and the new appliances were in, the kitchen sink and its existing faucet looked a little meek. We passed on replacing the sink, not for lack of wanting too, but for saving a bit of time and money at this point in the process. But we figured a little bit of a faucet facelift would do the trick.

And well, it did. 



I splurged and had our plumber install the new faucet for us which is not your typical DIY mentality but being 8+ months pregnant and having a husband who owns his own business, I figured the splurge was worth it.

And again, it was.

His words "It's so great to work with quality products, makes my life so much easier. What'd you pay for this $600-700?" To that I smiled and proudly reported, "No, less than $275.00" and you should have seen the expression on his face.

Kraus Commercial Faucet available on Overstock.com

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