White dishes

I have been dreaming of new everyday dishes.

Mostly I have been dreaming of new dishes from Heath Ceramics, but the voice of practical parenthood says no way in hell

There is a fine line between not abandoning one's appreciation for beautiful things when parenthood arrives and buying all plastic, but I have realized that care taking precious things or worrying about "stuff" in not one of the battles I wish to pursue. I was reminded of the importance of this when I found the nugget had almost artistically emptied a half full Brita onto the cushions of our couch. I didn't freak, I didn't even get mad. I simply said, "Thank goodness we have an old IKEA couch" and then I gently talked to him about water not belonging on furniture and then gave him a towel to clean it up.

And now, I think I am headed to IKEA for some new white dishes.

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