Clean, fresh and fast

The home inspector said something like "inadequate laundry facility" in his report. You think?

A 30 year old washing machine, a mini "condensation" dryer (that means not having a vent in case you had never heard of one", a burnt electrical outlet and oak shutter doors that closed sometimes. We knew this would need to be one of the projects we tackled quickly so off we went to look at small capacity washer and dryers. 

Here was the big issue: the location of this "laundry room" is in a place that will be torn down and remodeled within the next 12 months, so we needed a temporary yet practical solution. Out went the Mieles and the LG Grand front loading sets in Cherry Red. In came a stackable, used Maytag Neptune stacked work horse, that I found on Craigslist for $799.

A newly installed vent, a new 220V 3 prong plug and 2 new water valves, and we are up and running! And really, although the 3 weeks of wash'n'fold (and delivery service) were kind of dreamy, I never could have thought that washing four utility towels and folding them myself could make me smile the way it did this morning.

And as for our used Maytag, well, the towels are clean, smell super fresh and the cycles are fast. What else should laundry be.

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