The two J's

Again, I tell you that I am a little behind. I have no idea what movies are in theaters right now, I am not sure who is dating who or who the latest Hollywood drama queen is. So, a post about Julie & Julia is so past due, but I only just watched it last night.

And it was sweet. It was sweet and a bit melancholy - as I relate so dearly with both heroines. Clever and witty and talented and loved but ever so slightly lost. Lost only because one's passion has not yet been discovered. For both Julie and Julia, food brought them to life or back to life. It brought their gift to the table shall I say, one bœuf bourguignon at a time.

It made me think about writing and blogging and creating and completing. And it made me think about how excited I get when someone comments or when someone says they really like my writing. It made me think about the word narcissism (the way Julie did in the film) and if this is the "Alex show" and who the hell wants to read about me, me, me. Makes me kind of feel like Eloise for a moment. But for now, this is about me and if it ends up a bit self-indulgent, I am okay with that.

As for the movie, well, it was nice treat for a Monday night.

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