Go Giants!

I, am not a baseball fan. I never have been. I grew up in a house with brothers who played soccer, a dad who dragged them to the regional rugby tournaments and a German mom who loved Borris Becker. You can see that we weren't really the typical American household. In spite of that, at one point I learned the difference between a ball and a strike and I know all about the 7th inning stretch and what it means if the bases are loaded but that pretty much covers it.

But as someone said, this is not about liking the game of baseball - its about pride for our city, our team, our stadium.

So when our friend invited my husband to watch the 1st game of the World Series aboard his boat from Covey Cove on Wednesday night, I responded with "Oh you have to go - I would even love that!"

And so, this un-baseball fan got to join the boys and I am oh so very glad that I did!

The weather cooperated, my Dramamine cooperated, last minute grandma as babysitter cooperated and well the team, they did more than cooperate.

Who knows what lies ahead in Texas - for me, it really doesn't matter. For now, I can only say "Go Giants! Well done!"

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