Tired, again

I am tired, again.

Oh so very tired.

And after 3 nights of wake-ups every 1-3 hours and 3 days with naps that happened with screaming and crying and unhappiness and 4 days of wakefulness that is full of pleading and yearning and frustration and this bitterly annoying "eahhh" sound, I finally looked into my favorite sleep manual (bedtiming by lewis and granic). And what did I find, divine clarity. Why does it take me so long to realize this, every time?

Seems he is in the 17-21 month developmental phase - which is HUGE. HUGER than many that came before. Crying, yearning, frustration, curiosity, wanting, needing, whining, pleading, doing, looking, exploring = a really tired mom. Solution - to be patient, to be in the moment, to be understanding, to be loving and to be aware. And yes, this too shall pass.

So, once again, my productivity slides to an all time low. And my internal dialogue and dislike of this is what makes it worse and keeps me from taking a nap or at least resting during the day. And then, I fall apart.

I have permission from everyone to rest, except myself. Funny.

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