A inspirational pause

It wasn't my old Domino ritual, but boy it came close.

It was my intention this week to write only about money. Saving money, spending money, making money and all the other things about money that come up when you are working on getting your financial house in order. But then today, unexpectedly in my inbox, there was a notice that the August/September issue of Lonny Magazine was available.

So, I paused.

And read each article and clicked on some links and did a real virtual magazine browse. And as I said, it could not replace the "everything stops for an hour while I sit and read the Domino that arrived in my mailbox today" but it was the perfect little indulgence to distract me from mortgage insurance, savings accounts, transferring funds and working out our monthly budget. I think if I had actually taken my laptop to the comfy chair and made some tea, instead of sitting at my office desk, it would have come closer to my Domino ritual. I'll remember that for next time.

My favorite shots: the three images above from designer Vicente Wolfe's home on Montauk (New York). At the end of the article, he is quoted as saying, "I've seen a lot of places, and this Montauk home stands on its own with Bali, the Caribbean, Big Sur and the South of France. It's magical." Take out the Caribbean (only because I haven't been) and these are my three favorite places on earth. No wonder I had the immense urge to just move right in and not change a single thing.

Perhaps you can find a moment to pause and enjoy Lonny as well, maybe find something that inspires you. Their website by the way, has fantastic inspiration images and a great archive.

Happy reading!

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