First official "school" lunch

I dropped him off and I cried. Well, I didn't cry until I was in the car driving back to our house but I cried none the less.

Maybe it was because I packed a lunch for him this morning. Or maybe it was because I was not going to see again until 4pm. Or maybe it was because I had no idea what he would be doing all day when usually I see every smile and smirk and furrowed brow. Or maybe it was because I knew this was just the beginning of days just like this one.

So I let myself cry for 2 minutes. And then I went to the gym. And then I showered at home without wondering if he was already awake from his nap. And then I worked, really worked, like I haven't in an extremely long time. And it felt really good.

Here's to looking forward to next Wednesday and the nugget's 2nd day at daycare.

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wakako said...

awwww... He is growing up...
It must be a very special time.