Frozen in time.

Sometimes the camera just isn't available. Sometimes the lighting is just off. Sometimes you just have to write about a moment so that it never disappears.

Tonight, I had a nugget who woke up at 10pm and couldn't go back to sleep. We were still outside indulging in the heavenly summer weather. I let him join the party. Having already played in his sandbox in his pajamas and eaten his first piece of Apfelkuchen, I knew my attempts to get him back to sleep would be in vain.

And on his own, he waddled up the stairs in his misbuttoned onesie, to Opa's open door.

And then, when I was back downstairs, I looked up and through the spaces in the stairs, saw a calm and motionless nugget, sitting in Opa's lap. And both, were mesmerized by the World Cup game playing on the screen before them. Opa pointing and explaining off-sides, nugget pointing too and making some inaudible comment. And I just watched. And listened. And smiled.

I tried to take a picture but the angle and the light were against me. I tried to make a video, but I didn't want to disturb or the end the moment in order to capture it for later. I tried to end the novelty early to do a much needed diaper change, but once in my arms he squirmed his way back into Opa's direction and imploringly held out his arms. I think we had one really happy Opa and one really happy nugget.

And besides, what's the harm in a little Apfelkuchen, a little World Cup watching and a little going to bed late anyways? We're on vacation and life is too short to miss out on moments like these.

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wakako said...

ah... beautiful...
both your words and the moments...