Heading north

It's official - we are moving. We are moving to Mill Valley. We are moving in two weeks.

Part of the the relief I felt when I learned that our house offer had not been chosen was due to one very big unknown: will we like living in Mill Valley?

My gut says that warmer weather, more space, more green and more families can't be bad, but what if we don't have the same values as our neighbors? What if we really miss the energy and forward thinking that comes with living in the city? What if the commute is intolerable for my husband and drastically reduces the amount of time we have together? What if we just hate it?

These are big what-ifs and our solution to the what-ifs is to become renters again. And that is exactly what we have done. We found a little house with a lot of character and a lot of room, a small back-yard, two bathrooms and a porch right outside the kitchen door. Its quirky and perhaps a bit odd, but its us and hopefully when I get over the "oh my god there is so much to do", I will feel excited about this change.

For now, this citymaus is going north and moving to the country - even if it's just 25 minutes from where we are now.

Stay tuned...I will keep you posted.

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