Birthday redeemed

Here is how you make-up for a not so great birthday:

1. Hire babysitter for 4 hours during the day on a Friday
2. Vow to not do any work during those 4 hours or do anything on your to-do list
3. Find free parking on the street, which rarely happens in San Francisco
4. Arrive at Kabuki a few minutes before 10am to avoid the waiting list
5. Get crazy and ask for a last minute 30-minute massage appointment
6. Book that appointment without second thoughts
7. Find your locker and turn cell phone to off
8. Get to the bathing area and just be for 30 minutes
9. Have a 30-minute totally divinely amazing fantastic massage
10. Spend 40 more minutes in the bathing area without looking at the clock

Loosy, goosy and feeling good, I meandered into my favorite Japanese grocery store before heading to the car. With a California sushi hand-roll and a bottle of Milk Tea in hand, I crossed the street, found a ledge next to the sidewalk to sit on, let the sun stream down onto my face and slowly savored every bite as I watched the world pass by.

And that is how you redeem a birthday.

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