Just a little Friday night DIY project

We're in our house and construction is finished and I have so many images and stories to tell from the last 4 months. Major construction in finished and the port-o-potty is no longer in the driveway and all our things are out of storage, but there are loads of little details that are not finished. And if you know me, the details are my favorite part and I have at least 50 ideas a day of clever things I can do optimize and beautify our space.

For today, I picked the little project that stares at me 150 times a day.

I bought this IKEA lack TV table on Craigslist 3 weeks ago for $40 with the sole purpose of converting it into a homework/art table for the boys. But it's been sitting under the stairs, collecting trucks and backpacks and shoes and marbles and chess pieces.

So I had a few minutes and the boys were willing, so I got out a screwdriver, took apart the TV table, opened the box with the 4 hairpin legs I had ordered here on Amazon.

Then I gave them the tools...

And viola, 20 minutes later....

I kind of like them under the stairs, but there is no direct light and it's a little cramped for a grownup to sit so I moved it to the space I had initially imagined it for. It might get moved back or moved somewhere else...that tends to happen in our house, but for now, feeling pretty proud of myself.

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