Day 3: Desk nook progress

Another semi-IKEA hack: my desk nook.

I have my husband to thank for this one as he did all the measuring, sourcing and even accompanied me on the buying trip. Oh and he and I tackled the assembly on the IKEA cabinets which brought us to our knees this time.


1. Unstained Butcher block is from LumberLiquidators.

2. Side cabinets are SEKTION Base Cabinet with 4 Drawers (15x15x30 with Veddinge door) from IKEA Kitchen. We assembled the cabinets and Matt installed them to look like custom built ins. The trick to this is to continue the base board behind the cabinets and then use a small scribe (piece of wood) to fill in the gaps between wall and side of cabinet. It needs to be caulked and painted but it is these details that make a successful hack look a bit more refined and complete.

3. I stained the butcher block with Saman Wood Stain in Urban Gray and viola...

I still need a chair and drawer pulls and perhaps something on the wall, but it's coming along!

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