Close In Inspection passed!

We can officially say that we are in the homestretch and I don't think I need to knock on wood.

There is a big plastic sheet separating the interior of our home at the moment. On one side is Phase 1 - complete minus a few barn doors, towel hooks and breakfast nook cushions which are all on my to do list to complete. On the other side is Phase 2 - which is walls stripped to the studs, new electrical work, unfinished floors and consists of the entry, living room and front bedroom. It's not much really but it has caused heartache, backache and frustration. The road to Phase 2 was more difficult than the road to the whole rest of the house combined. But, now that we stand on the eve of an inspection that will allow us to close in the walls, I look around and I see the house exactly as it should have been. So for all the hard lessons learned and money that felt wasted in the last 10-12 weeks, I can stand at the front door and say this is right.

Insulation, sheet rock, baseboards, floors, paint: READY, SET, GO!

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