Watching bath #3 come to life

I have been fascinated watching this process unfold.

This Francisco dumping water into the shower pan about 6 hours after it was installed. Who knew you had to test it? But yes, makes sense.

Sadly, it leaked. The closet in the boys room downstairs has new sheetrock on the ceiling now. But better now than later. So the tilers had to re-do and we had to re-schedule the shower pan inspection.

Three days delay but we passed. They can get to the tiling!

And the vanities...

And then the walls...

And then the grout...

I love it. The wall tile and the shower pan herringbone.

BUT, I do I wish I had told them that I wanted the threshold (water barrier) to be the floor tile and not the wall tile to as to have a seamless monochromatic floor color. Now I know to tell them for the master bath.

And I am thinking a darker grout would have been a better look, kind of like the image without the grout.

All a learning lesson.

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