How I assembled the laundry cabinets

About 3 weeks ago, I knew it was time to get serious about the cabinets. From day one, I knew we would be using IKEA cabinets in the laundry room. For one, you can't beat the price, anywhere. And two, the look is clean and simple. And three, I was able to get my long, deep drawers which are by far a better choice for storage that shelves with doors, in my opinion. I knew the style, the design and that it all measured 24" deep. Standard depth, no other option.

Then I measured. And I measured again.

And I looked at the plans. And yes indeed, the cabinets were drawn at 18". Which means the door to the powder room was built to allow an 18" deep cabinet, not a 24" one.

So I stressed myself out, looked at other options, thought about just ordering something cheap from Home Depot that would still cost over $1500 and then I just ended up back where I had started: I wanted the IKEA cabinets.

Solution: make the door frame smaller to the powder room and order a new door.

And so we did. Actually John did. And I went shopping.

I came home with a crazy amount of boxes, all of which are not shown below, and knew that I had some solid hours of assembly ahead of me. I could have had John assemble them, but when you pay your contractor his hourly rate of $65 to assemble IKEA cabinets then your IKEA cabinets are not really that inexpensive anymore. And besides, I like the assembly part. I know a lot of people loath Ikea furniture for that reason. I'm a little strange. I get a huge amount of satisfaction when I have indeed completed the task.

My husband took care of the boys and I headed over to a dark and empty house with a flashlight and set of tools. The guys had left one of their work lights on for me and I found a good Pandora station and got to work.

At 7:35PM it looked like this:

At 9:05PM, it was all done:

And by the end of the next day, it looked like this:

PS Those are the floors tiles. I love them!

PSS The old laundry door is not wasted by the way nor a major cash loss. It's put aside and will be the door we use for the storage space in Phase 2. I like it when things turn out that way.

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