Waiting for the tapers to finish

Sheetrock is a mess. There is silica dust everywhere. And the tape and glue and white goopy stuff that they use to seal it all up is a mess. And because everything is a mess and the tapers are basically in every corner of every room, everything else is stopped or at least on hold. 

What is not on hold is making decisions. In comes my gratitude for our contractor and his organization and forward thinking. Last Monday, exactly a week ago knowing the delay with our taping crew, he gave me a list and said to have all of this ready by Monday March 30th. On the list: tile, cabinets, railings, confirm painter.

So last week, I ordered the shower wall tile on Tuesday, picked out and loaded the laundry cabinets from IKEA on Tuesday, realized the countertop we had chosen for the laundry doesn't work with the floor tile so added that decision back onto the to do list on Tuesday, looked at new options for countertops on Wednesday, approved the railing design on Wednesday, ordered the undercount laundry sink on Wednesday, verified the floor tile layout on Thursday, confirmed the painter on Friday, picked up the shower wall tile on Friday and then unloaded it all into the garage. Yup, that about covers it.

But today it's Monday, March 30th and I think we're still waiting for the tapers to finish and our new expedited, updated and exciting construction schedule is delayed by 2 days. Installing cabinets and shower pans and starting on interior trim will have to wait. 

New date to get this show on the road: Wednesday April 1st.

Stay tuned.

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