I spent last weekend with two of my favorite women on the whole planet. We do this every year and have been since we graduated college. And inevitably, some little nugget of wisdom seeps through the laughter and spa treatments and parenting story telling. It's the little nugget that stays with me even days later as I toss and turn it around in my head.

It is basically this: Stressing over choosing Faucet A or Faucet B vs. figuring out how to pay for your child's college with your husband's divorce lawyer.

Well, that basically says it all.

I have posted before on how to keep perspective and not get caught up in the zany, stressful, taxing and often time sensitive and money draining world of construction. I don't know how to be chill and not take it seriously. You have to take it seriously so that you make smart decisions, prioritize the necessities and not squander your money. And let me tell you - do you know how easy it is to squander money on a construction project? Easy, so easy, too easy. You basically just have to open your mouth and you have already squandered $1000. Miscommunications, missed decisions, mistakes. Money, money, money.

And the money part is what makes it really hard for me to keep perspective. When it comes down to it, it's that plus a bit of twisted perfectionism that makes me not want to do anything wrong or make an mistakes or piss anyone off. So this is where my work must start - somewhere in all of this lies my inability to really truly keep my cool and trust that all is happening the way it is supposed to. And to not sweat the small stuff.

I warned you that this blog wasn't going to be just about nails, upholstery and 2x4's.

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