Vacation, then home, then Tahoe, then Christmas, then back home. And then boom.

We landed in decision making madness.

All those decisions that were floating patiently somewhere in the future suddenly bolted into the present moment and exploded onto my to-do list.

All in one day, I started with plumbing fixtures...

then got distracted with tile for the shower floors….

then got derailed by the size and necessity of a cold air return at the top of the stairs for the new upstairs furnace…

and then had to approve the new location of the old cold air return which meant deciding between the cheaper location and the right location which meant cutting a few beams and floor joists in the crawl space…

and finally landing in appliances at Home Depot after 2 hours of research with my husband over the weekend while our kids were with their uncle (thank you Robin). And happy to say that the 2 hours of research basically landed us back to the place where we started, which was this LG set.

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