It went up.

I was expecting jubilation and fanfare and merriment.

Instead I got, "It went up."

Indeed, the floor went up. It went up 6 inches plus some.

We have level floors!!!

Do you understand we don't have a 6 inch slope in the living room anymore and the only thing that cracked was a small bit of the plaster in the two downstairs bedrooms! Do you know how many discussions we have had with people in the last 2 years about whether to do this or not? Do you know that we significantly changed the scope of this phase of construction? Did you know that up until 2 weeks ago we weren't planning on leveling the floors? Did you know that last week 3 guys spent all their work hours separating our house into 3 different sections so only the section that was sloping would move today? Do you you know we weren't sure if this would work? This is huge news.

But for the 6 men who patiently and knowingly raised it this morning, it was just another day at the office.

The space under the house looks like some medieval catacomb or abandoned mine. These structures are massive. Sort of like a giant's game of Jenga.

And it is these structures which are now holding our raised floor in place and will continue to do so until the new walls are sound. The house will then slowly and gently be let down again.

Outside, the very dainty posts and jacks in comparison did all the work. 

All of that, just to get this...

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