Rustic West Coast Garage Sale

I usually don't do "name your style" questionnaires, but a recent email from Lonny Magazine had me at hello.

I took their What's Your Spring Style? quiz sponsored by IKEA. I answered a few questions, looked at a few pretty pictures and well, I am classified as:

The Hippy

"Philosophically you lean minimal, because, you know, mo’ stuff is mo’ problems, but you just can’t help collecting things: hand-knit afghans, kitschy artwork, and succulents by the cartload. Your taste in textiles runs organic in shape and texture: yes to seagrass and jute area rugs, warm wood tones, and nature-inspired floral prints. You call it “rustic West Coast garage sale.” We call it inspired, see for yourself...

In the Living Room
My reaction: Minus the toile wallpaper on the left and the engraved horns on the mantel, I dig it. 

In the outside space
My reaction: Love. Love. Love in my pre-kid life.

As for favorite item
My reaction: A big smile - I love sheepskins.

In another living room
My reaction: Love. All of it and every detail.

In the bedroom
My reaction: Minus the wall hanging and the knobs on the dresser, it would be just right. Again in my life pre-marriage and children. Trick will be how to incorporate The Hippy into design that is family and spouse approved!

What I like best about the description that was associated with The Hippy is that philosophically I am a minimalist. And much of the time I lean that way. But I won't pass up a sheepskin and oh boy do I love myself a good flea market. Good to know those parts of me can coexist peacefully.

So ScanMinNoCal (Scandinavian Minimalism meets Northern California), my DIY style acronym was not too far off base at all.

Interested in your own Spring Style, click here.

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