Artist date: New Anthropologie Catalog

I recently met with a naturopath to address feeling fatigued and low energy and aside from prescribing 2000iu's of Vitamin D daily to deal with my extremely low level of Vitamin D and a dreamy Auyerveidc drink called Golden Milk which I have yet to try, she prescribed doing something fun and joyous for myself every day. How come I have to be hit over the head with this same suggestion every few months?

And well Artist Dates are one of those things that I love. Do you know the concept?

In their essence, they are a weekly commitment to fun, play and joy. They don't need to be artistic or creative. Basically it is spending time alone doing something that nurtures a part of who you are. I think as moms we often don't give ourselves the permission to do this sort of thing because it doesn't have a quantifiable action or result.

Luckily for me my Artist Dates usually involve some sort of home design/product store which is thankfully aligned with the theme of this blog, making it both easier to convince myself to spend the time both to do and to share.

I didn't make it out for an Artist Date this week so I did a stay-Artist Date. Okay, that doesn't work as well as stay-cation but you get the point. It was me, the new Anthropologie catalog and a cup of tea and a little boy playing in the sandbox. And now, while he is sleeping, I get to share it.

And here is what happened to catch my eye...

Dhurrie Chair

Striped Linen Pillows

Continental Sofa (though I don't know how functional/comfortable it really is)

Slate Insert Coffee Table

Vintage iPhone Dock (can't help it - I love this)

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