A little bit of sunshine

I really LOVE this yellow upholstered bed. I really wish that I needed it but I really don't. Or I wish I knew someone who could use it. And it's a steal at $399! 

The skies are gray and dreary but my morning adventures at 2 local furniture consignment stores provided to have a common theme: little bit of sunshine.

This bin could be so fun for toy storage - but $199 is a bit too much to gather play things in!

This armoire is a little rustic/country looking but it still caught my eye.

But what I really wanted was this lamp - this semi-70's inspired large, yellow beauty. Really I have a vision. And for only $29, I should have bought it. But I am pretty sure I would have gotten the thumbs down from my husband. Makes me think I need a warehouse of my own to stockpile these treasures...

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