Learning SketchUp

This was supposed to happen in October last year and the class was canceled.

Then I was gone for the month of December.

And now it's a new year and well, why not?

Yes, I am taking a SketchUp class!

If you are not familiar with SketchUp, it's a 3D imaging tool that used to be a Google product. It is basic and free - so it's fairly user friendly once you figure out the tricks and tips. And well, since we have this project: haus and we have basically come up with all of the designs on our own, it makes sense that I can use this tool. And I will admit, it's fun. And it feels great to be learning something really new and challenging.

I've got 2 classes left and I am determined, so stay posted for next week's project!

Though crude and just a little bit hacked - this is my very first attempt at a room, with a Nana Wall!

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