Making the bed

"Making the bed is a gift from your present self to your future self."

I read that once, don't ask me where but it sort of stuck. I suppose I have always made my bed out of compulsive neatness but never really thought about how it did actually make me feel. I like looking at a made bed and I really love getting into a made bed.

So every morning I make the bed and then it looks like this...

Until today.

Because last night, my dear husband asked "Why are there so many pillows on the bed? All I do is this motion?" (And he motioned the taking pillow off bed and throwing it on floor thing, several times.)

And I answered, "Because it looks better and I like it."

"But it doesn't." he replied.

Now, usually when it comes to the topic of pillows and upholstery and stemware and table settings and floral arranging, I trust my instinct, not his. But for some reason, I woke up this morning and thought again about the pillows on the floor and figured I would just give his suggestion a try.

So then it looks like this...

Minimalist, yes.

No pillows on floor to fall over on the way to bathroom at 3am, yes.

Easier to make, yes.

Looks like a hotel room, yes.

Will try this out for a week or so, yes.

What you do you think?

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