It's official

84. Own a fixer-upper and project manage the renovation

There it is. In black and white. On my 100 list. Guess you should be careful what you wish for.

With one visit to an open house now about 8 weeks ago, several hours on the phone learning about points and underwriters and more inspection reports than I have ever read in my entire life, that one statement that felt like a "someday when I grow up" dream just turned into a reality.

Yup, we are home owners. Real, adult, have-a-house-that-could-use-some-work-home-owners. And I think, I am totally excited. Scratch that, I am totally excited.

I am totally excited because I have files of how to's and best practices that I have been collecting for years. I am totally excited because I have a "Dream" notebook that I started in my 20's with magazine clippings and inspiring home ideas. I am totally excited because amidst deciding between stainless or brushed nickel, unexpected dry rot and mis-measured custom cabinetry, there is nothing better than standing on the other side of the process and seeing a space, well done. I am totally excited because we, this family, is going to do this together.

And by family I should say, growing family, as I am 6 months pregnant. So nesting or to be exact, re-nesting, has taken on a whole new meaning. It means feeling uprooted and overwhelmed and tired more in the next 3 months than I had planned. It means asking for help and not doing it myself. But it also means, settling in, slowing down and getting ready to hibernate, just in time for Winter with a tiny new babe. But early on a Sunday morning {when I actually wrote this post} when all in this rented house are still asleep, I am quietly celebrating the own part of item 84 and letting the project manage the renovation part unfold as it may.

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