buying #12

they all said don't do it. well not all, but a few seasoned professionals who know what they are doing gave fair warning about buying this house. in fact one local pioneer in home renovation (and neighbor now) clearly stated, "unless you have $500K, full time childcare and lots of extra time, keep looking."

well, we didn't listen and we stopped looking.

we didn't listen because for some reason we (my husband and i)  believed and still believe that we can simplify and update this house, on a really tight budget and end up with a great house in a great location.

it seems a bit contradictory to buy a 2700+ square foot house on a 7000+ square lot and want to simplify. in fact, as i write this, i smile and wonder who are we really kidding.

but there in lies the reason for this blog - it's the platform where i can tend to these contradictions, find answers to my questions and hopefully at the end have had a little fun. even though the newest addition to my wallet is a rewards card from Home Depot, my young sons know our local Ace Hardware better than the playground and we had more packages delivered in the first 3 months of living in this house than in the last 5 years, we have a life goal of simplifying and living with less.

and it starts with #12.

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