5 years ago, today

2 1/2 days, 75 guests, 2 outdoor showers, one pair of vintage red cowboy boots, a groom's missing pants, a recycled wedding dress and the most generous circle of friends...

Yup, that pretty much sums it up.

Months after our wedding weekend, I realized that the three days of celebration that became our wedding were actually a snapshot of how we aspire to live, everyday:

Aware of our environmental, retail, food and health choices.

In close relationship to family + friends, working collaboratively and in alignment with the individual talents and gifts we all posses.

In thought, in communication, in relationship, in lifestyle and in relationship to nature.

It was easy to live this way at Wilbur but only possible because our friends and family went above and beyond to help execute our vision. I don't actually think we can say thank you enough for the labors of love that we witnessed.

Wilbur Hot Springs is one of the places that you find, that you hold dear to your heart and keep as a place to return to, over and over. It is a place in which I remember spending three days with the people that I like most in the whole entire world, saying "yes" to the man who still manages to make me laugh like no other, wearing my red cowboy boots and being utterly and totally myself.

It was a perfectly, imperfect wedding. And I wouldn't have had it any other way.

You can see our friend Kurt's wonderful photos of the weekend here

You read more about our wedding at Wilbur here.

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