Not your everyday Mother's Day gift

I am not a big jewelry person.

I am not a big red rose and chocolate person.

But I never would have guessed that I was an electrical gardening tool person.

Yes, my Mother's Day gift, that I picked out myself, was a Black and Decker Electric Trimmer.

And I love it.

And I know I love it because today, for 2 hours I was all by myself, in the garden, with my trimmer.

As I was thinking about this post and the justifications I was going to come up with for "working" instead of relaxing and getting pampered on Mother's Day, I realized that I felt I had to explain my desire for such a strange and unsexy gift and more so explain why I felt the need to actually use it today. But instead of explaining to you that alone time is always at the top of my wish list and that working with my hands brings me more joy than any packaged gift ever could, I would rather say, that if you are a mom, I hope you spent the day exactly the way you wanted to.

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jen said...

yes, love it...totally understood...it's beautiful!!!