10:1:10 Plan

Have you heard of this?

My friend Anna, whose new blog Eleven Twenty Nine is already on my favorites list, mentioned this a few weeks ago.

She writes...

"In a rut? Make a list of 3 things that you aspire to do every day to keep you going. The 10:1:10 plan refers to 10 minutes of meditation, writing 1 page and reading 10 pages. I’ve implemented this in a slightly different way. I guess mine is the 1:10:1 plan: 1 hour of exercise, 10 minutes of meditation and 1 blog post. I already feel more directed, creative and accountable."

I just sat down and my list is:

I know, it is 4 not 3 but I had to start somewhere. I included gardening because I have accepted that cooking is not calming or mindful for me and I already have a good practice of writing when I need it. So, I added gardening.

In this little rented house that we're in, we are surrounded by a garden that used to be taken care of. Though I can't possibly take care of all of it, I am curious about tending to a patch of it and learning what it means to actually watch something grow. And, it means being outside and in the sun.

My plan is this:
10 minutes meditation : 1 hour exercise : 10 minutes gardening

Now, how to set it into motion.

You can read the rest of Anna's post here

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