Just like that...

Yesterday, life looked like this...

All smiles and barefeet and water and 75 degree weather in February and play.

And just like that, today looks like this...

And all the choices of yesterday start to collide in my mind, each one triggering their own questions of self-doubt and uncertainty and "I should have known better" and "Of course, we were at the Discovery Museum yesterday and this always happens" at the same time as I start to change appointments, cancel calls and strategically change my schedule for my usual work day.

Should I have not let him go barefoot? Was his shirt wet too long? Did we do too much this weekend? Are there germs at the public museum that I have no control over? Do toddlers get sick? Are all his little friends sick? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

So I realized that if I spent too much time on judging my choices as a parent yesterday I would not only waste vital and important energy that I don't have to waste, I would also stay checked out to the fact that I just got to lay on the living room floor looking at tractors on a Monday morning when everyone is still trying to be at work, be efficient, be driven, be on time and be useful.

Just like that, this week is not going to look the way I thought it was going to be 24 hours ago. Just like that I am asked to show just how flexible I can be. Just like we are looking at tractors. Just like that today is a stay inside day. Just like that.

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