Its that time of year again...

...when we look back and we look forward. When we dream, when we reminisce. When we celebrate our accomplishments and try to learn from our failures. When we pause, in hopes of starting new and starting again.

I can't remember when I started this list. It probably started as a wish list one rainy Sunday afternoon when I was barely old enough to legally buy alcohol. Since then it has grown into this - a random list of things that I think I would like to do and that I think would bring me joy. Some are quite vain, others will require a lifelong of learning and are not easily quantifiable. Others are within my grasp while most may be years and years away.

This list in not a set of goals or even to-dos. Instead it helps me to plot a course, for the new year and the years to come.

I have never shared it before but in the spirit of asking and accepting and listening and allowing, I figured, it couldn't hurt.


1. Speak Spanish, fluently and completely
2. Write in German as well as I speak
3. Finish a Masters Degree
4. Read a whole German novel
5. Travel to Africa
6. Travel to Croatia
7. Give birth at home
8. Travel to Galapagos
9. Get married in my mom's wedding dress
10. Do work that makes me want to jump out of bed in the morning
11. Wear my old jeans again
12. Have really toned arms
13. Ride the Siberian Express from Moscow to China
14. Live in a house with a wraparound porch
15. Live in Europe
16. Attend a live taping of the Oprah show {missed this chance}
17. Design one picture book per country from our 10 month trip
18. Dance the Lindy Hop, well
19. Own 2 pigmy goats
20. Earn my worth
21. Return to Hoi An (Vietnam) and have a whole new wardrobe made
22. Learn to play tennis, again
23. Attend Karen Mazen Miller’s Mother’s Plunge
24. Transform my relationship with money {working on it}
25. Learn to swim freestyle, properly
26. Take a furniture re-upholstery class
27. Have my teeth whitened
28. Own my own business
29. Open an Etsy store
30. Go to NYC with my husband for a long weekend
31. Go to the Flea Market every month without limitation
32. Cook a Thanksgiving turkey
33. Start a blog
34. Walk the Inca Trail to Machu Pichu
35. Travel to Buenos Aires, Argentina
36. Bake a Red Velvet Cake
37. Travel for an extended amount of time, again, kid(s) included
38. Have a website about my work that I love
39. Work for Anthropologie
40. Be published in a magazine
41. Learn to scuba dive
42. Ask for what I need {working on it}
43. Live in New York City
44. Own a bicycle I love
45. Attend a 10 Day Silent Retreat
46. Finish the things that I start {working on this too!}
47. For 30 days in a row, sit in meditation for 30 minutes a day
48. Attend Oktoberfest
49. Own a vintage Airstream
50. Travel across the US with my family in an RV
51. Write a book
52. Be written about in 5 blogs
53. Live in Ubud, Bali for an extended amount of time
54. See Madonna Live in concert
55. Read Anna Karenina
56. Live in Germany
57. Find a country bar and learn to line dance
58. Love my body, just the way it is
59. Travel the North and South Island of New Zealand in a camper
60. Master Quicken and file our taxes in January (in progress)
61. Rent a villa in Italy with our families, for vacation
62. Continue the work my dad did on our family genealogy
63. Have a book published
64. Travel to Cyprus, with my husband and his parents
65. Convert all of my photos to digital and organize {sept 2011}
66. Go on a weeklong yoga retreat in Mexico, by myself
67. Return to Koh Toa, Thailand
68. Take my mom and mother-in-law to Bali
69. Do another 10 day silent retreat
70. Own a record player
71. Visit Alaska
72. Eat well, somehow
73. Own a pair of Ray Ban Aviators
74. Camp at Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon
75. Sail in the Mediterranean, on a catamaran
76. Be on TV
77. Go to ClubMed and indulge in the all-inclusiveness of it all
78. Plant a garden and tend to it
79. Stop grinding my teeth
80. Have an amazing craft room
81. Fly first class, on purpose this time
82. Roast a chicken
83. Have a second baby
84. Own a fixer-upper and project manage the renovation {Sept 2011}
85. Make a Halloween costume, from scratch
86. Travel the ancient path of the Samurai in Japan, with my husband
87. Pay off my student loans by age 40
88. Learn and appreciate the act of financial investing
89. Host an HGTV show
90. Visit Canada
91. Learn to use my sewing machine
92. Attend a writing retreat
93. Find a movement practice that I can stick with
94. Visit New Orleans
95. Sell my Puppet Theatres at Renegade in 2011
96. Learn to cook and like it {working on it}
97. Open my heart, a little bit more {working on it}
98. Go Apple, all the way
99. Bake Christmas cookies, from scratch, just once

And 100 – Be present enough to really soak in every moment of the last 99

May 2011 be full of possibilities and wonder.

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