Nap time Recipe #2: Vichysoisssseez

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Okay, so I exaggerated the name. Just be French for a second.

I branched into the Joy of Cooking this week - which for those of you who are a non-cook like myself, is so not the easiest cookbook. It assumes a lot. And I know little. Bad combo.

But when potatoes and leeks arrived in my CSA box last week, it was a no brainer that I had to try this.

And oooh, it was good. And it made the house smell good. And leeks are really easy to mince. And the leftover can be frozen. And all three of us liked it.

I think leeks may just be my favorite vegetable, there is just something about them.

FYI - I will be back next Monday. I have a special project that is brewing...which I will share next week!

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