Get to work

There is a movement - intended to inspire and empower and encourage us to take action, however small or big.

And that movement started today.

Weeks ago when I read about 10/10/10 for the first time, I was enthusiastically driven to take part. I starred the blog post that mentioned it and than I methodically planned my next steps. Then last week, when I actually went to the website and saw that the action is a grassroots movement for climate change, I was at first disappointed. My assumption had been this was an effort to get people moving, get them to commit to something that inspires them, get them to ask for help, get them to engage others - get them off the couch and to work. And as I thought more, I realized that it is. And that this small and humble project of ours is a baby step towards my part in helping our planet.

You see, by trying to live a life with less waste, less packaging, less consumption, more community, more creativity and more generosity, I can only hope to make a small dent in my little part of the world.

So I in the spirit of getting to work, I introduce to you...

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Today, on Global Work Party day, this is my effort, my work and my commitment to changes in my own home and life.

Perhaps it will inspire you to do the same, one re:purposed project at a time.

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jen said...

wow, alex...your energy and creativity are a real inspiration...i can't believe you've managed to keep all the plates you're spinning in the air at once. and, that you make it look so easy!!! the entries for the projects on' re:purposed playground' are simply delightful and make me want to make, bake, paint, and/or build something right now!!! thanks for your wonderfulness and your vision. love, jen