Under siege

I tried to find an image to go with this post, but when I typed under siege into Google Images, I was bombarded with images of either Steven Seagal's not so great movie series or bloody, violent images of war, both real and animated in computer war games.

So I passed.

Choosing one of those images would have been a bit self-indulgent and totally exaggerated for simply explaining that we have a sick and cranky baby. A mama-meltdown at the kitchen sink after a day of enduring whining and no-sleep and clear toddler unhappiness and frustration, prompted my husband to utter the following sentence:

"We're under siege. And when that happens, all rules are off."

He proceded to send me on my way for some "fresh air" and then he pulled out all the old "getting the nugget to sleep" tricks - the Itsy Bitsy Spider, bouncing, and lying on the floor next to his crib. And whatever he did, it worked. And then he was back from 7-11 with chocolate within minutes. And then there was some sort of something to watch instantly on Netflix.

In the end, just another lesson: when you are bombarded by an unknown foreign agent, assess the situation, contain the damage and keep calm. And then be really kind to yourself.

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